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Video Surveillance

High resolution and high quality video cameras for any type of environment, recording systems and video management, software for data analysis, data security and protection, dispatched visualization systems.

Intrusion Detection

Sistemele de detectie efractie pot fi integrate cu supraveghere video, control acces si siguranta. La declansarea alarmelor se pot transmite mesaje preinregistrate in zona in care au avut loc tentativele de efractie.

Perimeter Security

Sisteme si tehnologi de inalta securitate; gama completa de senzori de exterior, bariere, fibra optica, garduri inteligente, radare; sisteme de alarmare; solutii IP, integrare in platforme de management.

Access Control

Vehicle, pedestrian access control, Automatic gates, Barriers, Bollards; Security doors, Sliding, revolving doors, Quick gates, Turnstiles; Electronic access control systems; Biometric systems, Systems integration

Time & Attendance

Simple or integrated electronic timekeeping solutions with access control system, payroll system, ERP; highlighting the working time of employees for planning tours and holidays.

Integrated Systems

Software platforms for integrating all security components and systems, IT&C infrastructure, building installations (PSIM); Extended user interface for incident control, detection and settlement.


Advanced solutions for control and management of installations and systems in buildings - HVAC, electrical, security, safety; Minimising the operational costs; Power efficiency; Increasing the comfort and safety degree.

Intelligent Lighting

Lighting control solutions; Scalable and open DALI systems for integration in electrical installations; Wireless or wiring technologies; Discounts on electricity consumption of up to 75%.

Fire Detection

Complete range of fire detection solutions; Fire, smoke, flame detectors, Linear heat detection, Aspirating detection, Thermal video cameras; Integration solutions for specific applications.

Public Address

Public address, voice alarm and evacuation, sound (PA/VA/BGM) systems; Various architectures, compact systems for small sized applications and digital platforms for complex projects.

Fire Extinguish

Complete range of solutions for fire limitation and extinguishing, compliant with FM, IGSU, VdS norms; Aerosol, gas, water mist, water, foam extinguishing; Oxygen reduction systems.

Off-Street Parking

Installations; Automated parking systems, barriers, LPR solutions, guidance and information systems; Digital Signage; Payment solutions; UPPARK mobile application; Parking integration and management solutions.

On-Street Parking

Sensors for parking spots; Guiding systems (wayfinding); Parking-meters; UPPARK mobile application; Solutions for checking payment and fines; Video surveillance; Solutions for integrating and managing the parking lots.


IT&C infrastructure adjusted to the new requirements imposed by the business environment dynamic; Networks that connect everything; Local networks; Wireless networks, Solutions for mobility; High security connectivity.


Echipamente cu fiabilitate ridicata, adaptate mediului industrial, pentru conectarea sistemelor de productie; Retele IoT; Comunicatii operationale; Solutii securitate date si integritate procese.


Unified communications for data, voice, video, mobile applications; Audio/Video Conferences; Full range of equipment, from terminals for individual work to systems for fitting the meeting rooms.

Data Center

Building, arranging and fitting data centres; Air conditioning; Electrical installations; Physical security; Fire protection; IT&C infrastructure; Monitoring, Control, Infrastructure management solutions.


Complete range of equipment; Infrastructure - Servers, Storage, UPS systems, Networking, Security; Desktop workstations, POS; Mobile solutions - notebooks, smartphones, tablets, wearable devices; Terminals - Printers, Scanners, Monitors.

Data Security

Advanced solutions for the protection of IT&C infrastructure, physical security systems, building installations. Consulting for understanding and detecting the latest threats that endanger the activity of companies and institutions.

Software Development

Android and iOS web or mobile applications which provide additional functionalities to the integrated systems available on the market; Service type applications for communication between various systems; Cost reductions maintaining the existing systems.

Payment Solutions

Ticket vending machines; parking meters; Mobile payment solutions, online; Ticketing integration with access control systems; Solutions for sports arenas, theme parks, museums, cultural centers, municipalities.


Retelele informatice joaca un rol crucial in activitatea companiilor si institutiilor, indiferent de domeniul de activitate al acestora. Ele conecteaza, controleaza si monitorizeaza toate comunicatiile interne.

Digital Signage

Complete indoor and outdoor display solutions - Display, Videowall; Interactive Systems; IT&C infrastructure; Solutions for media content distribution and management; Customer Experience.


Solutii IP pentru masurarea si vizualizarea timpului; Ceasuri analog, digitale, de interior, exterior; Servere pentru sincronizare in retele de afisare; Sisteme audio pentru alerte; Cronometraj sportiv, tabele de scor.


Conference systems; Sound; Video Solutions; Display, Video Projection, Videowall; Systems integration; Arrangements for Classrooms, Meetings, Conference, Cinema, Theater, NOC / SOC Dispatchers, Sports Arenas.

Customer Experience

Guiding and notification solutions (wayfinding); Digital Signage, User flow management; Traffic analysis; Solutions for evaluating customer satisfaction; Interactive systems; Customized mobile applications.


Sound systems for conference rooms, amphitheaters, performance halls, sports arenas, shopping malls, airports, railway stations; microphones; Amplifiers, sound processors, audio mixers; Acoustic enclosures.

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