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Insurance Advising
Get sound and wise advice on the insurance policy and have your company protected.
Product Consumption
Choose the most suitable products that fit market's need and have high potentials.
Marketing Services
All kinds of financial services are provided and delivered in the most convenient way to you.

Serving you in more
than 50 cities

Increasing Sales
Sales will get a drive and bring back a lot of profits thanks to the sales increasing strategies and plans.
Real-Time Analytics
Our analyses are based on the actual facts and the market situation concerning your business area.

Strategy Development

Boosting Your Business Now

Finding new people to buy your product or service is an important part of the entire sales process. Do you have a great product but aren't gaining the right customers to buy it? We'll help you with that.

,,Colaborez cu Emanuel de 5 ani, iar pe parcursul acestei perioade de timp mi-a demonstrat ca este un profesionist si este capabil sa gestioneze orice proiect de protectie la incendiuu.”

,,AVITECH has developed the Flowbird solutions catalogue to a customer oriented market solution. Flowbird is very happy to have AVITECH representing us.”

,,Colaborarea cu AVITECH poate fi descrisa ca un parteneriat solid, bazat pe incredere si pe convingerea ca impreuna putem implementa cele mai complexe proiecte.’’

,,AVITECH are resursele necesare indeplinirii celor mai complexe proiecte de securitate – personalul competent, acoperirea nationala, solutiile si serviciile de calitate.”

Pricing Plans

Consider an appropriate plan that fits for your company and business.
Basic Package
Monthly Plan
  • Limitless concepts
  • Free fonts
  • Creative Layouts
  • Free Support
  • Expert Reviews
Developer Package
Monthly Plan
  • Limitless concepts
  • Free fonts
  • Creative Layouts
  • Free Support
  • Expert Reviews

Quality makes the belief
for customers.


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